Hey everyone! We wanna update everyone for December and into the start of January. We’ve been working on a video for The Accessory off of our EP “Let It Burn” with Daniel Shealey of Wayton Sea and that will release worldwide on December 15, 2016 via here and our Facebook and YouTube channel. You can find links to both above in the social media buttons. Please share the video around with any and all of your friends who might dig it!

Facebook event for the video release (Click Here)



           We’d also like to announce that, in addition to Dirtbag Clothing being an official sponsor of ours, Jason has picked up an artist endorsement from Zombie Dust Pickups!  If you’re unfamiliar with Zombie Dust, they are a company out of the UK that makes custom, hand wound guitar pickups in a multitude of styles, types, and finishes. Not to mention, they sound SICK. If you need ANYTHING or want something different than those off the shelf pickups at the store, go check them out. Jason’s custom set are pretty damn sweet and if you’re interested in Zombie Dust, they can get you set up with something to your own spec!



          We have a few shows scheduled for 2017 already with the first being for the flyer you see to the right. We’re super stoked to be a part of this as it’s the last big metal show taking place at Amos’s Southend in Charlotte, NC before they close the doors up so more condos can be built. On the bill are heavy hitters like Wretched, Auxillia and more! If you’re in the area, this is one that you won’t want to miss.


Facebook Event: (Click Here)

Ticket link: (Click Here)



          In the meantime and beyond, we are in the process of writing material for our third EP that we plan to record in February for an early spring release. We don’t have a title yet but what we can tell you is that 2 songs are complete and we plan to explore more musical territory than we’ve covered in our previous releases. We’ll keep you posted with updates and video teasers of the process!


Happy holidays, everyone.

Stay safe and we’ll see you soon at a show…… - J





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