HUGE Thanks

To everyone who came and packed the Art Bar in Columbia out for our EP release of "Path of Buzzards" this past Saturday! It was a huge success! We had a great night and hope you all did as well. Big thanks to the bands for taking care of business from start to finish...Operation Transformation, Black Hand Throne, Space Coke and Fall of an Empire. Everybody killed it!



Saturday December 6th

at the Art Bar will be the last GRÜZER show of the year. We've teamed up with "Southern Wasteland w/ The Nomad" from WUSC 90.5FM to present this one to you! Be sure to come and check out Tusker (Winston-Salem, NC), Happiness Bomb (Cola), and Greevace (Charlotte) if you haven't yet. GREAT bands from around here that you just may haven't heard before. And also, if you haven't heard it yet, tune into Southern Wasteland W/ The Nomad on Friday nights from 10p-12a and hear the auditory goodness that The Nomad is blanketing the capital city with every Friday night! (You can stream it online as well!)



We'll be taking the rest of the year off to write some more and maybe learn a few covers if we feel so inclined, just for our own enjoyment when everyone is getting good and rowdy. We hope to see everyone at the Art Bar on 12/6 so we can go ahead and put this year in the books and start looking to 2015 for GRÜZER. We've got big plans and things, they are a brewing....




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