Whassup everyone! Our new EP "Let It Burn" has been released worldwide as of 4/1/2016 and has been doing fantastic along with bringing new opportunities to the table for us. It's available at live events as well as through your favorite digital stores, streaming outlets and SwampMetalRecords.com so check that out if you haven't yet!


Speaking of opportunities, our track The Accessory (from Let It Burn) was selected by and then voted to appear on the EMP Underground Vol. I compilation being released by EMP Label Group. For those of you unfamiliar with EMP, that is Ellefson Music Productions, as in David Ellefson of Megadeth. Considering we’ve listened to Megadeth as far back as “Killing Is My Business...” we’re super stoked to be involved. We’re very proud to be included in this compilation of North America’s hottest new metal bands being put out by one of the hottest upstart independent labels today. Go to EMPmerch.com for more details and use the code “gruzer20” to recieve 20% off the purchase of the comp and you’ll also receive some other EMP Label Group and EMP Underground goodies with your order!


Continuing with those mentioned opportunities, we’ve also been selected to be a showcasing artist at this year’s 2016 New Music Confab taking place in Charleston, SC! This is a three day music industry showcase with live music and panel discussions featuring over 60 of the industry’s top producers, engineers, label presidents, radio folks and general movers and shakers that shape the business as we all know it today. We’re super stoked to be a part of this and plan on rubbing some elbows and upping our stock while in town. Our showcase is Friday August 26 at the Music Farm in Charleston and is sponsored by Pro Tone Pedals. (Be sure to check them out too!). We’re on from 8:45-915pm that night so come party with us!


Another bit of news is that we've partnered with Swamp Metal Records for physical distribution of our CD's and other items to come. We've had a great relationship with Jack and we look forward to growing that even further. Physical copies will still be available from us at shows but the majority of mail orders will begin to be fulfilled by SMR.


We’ll be taking a breather for the month of September to rest up and tighten the lugnuts on the Grüzer train BUT, we will return on Saturday, Oct 1 w/ CROWBAR at New Brookland Tavern in Columbia, SC! This will be HUGE show stacked from top to bottom. Details to be announced very soon...


We’ll also be taking part in the Stone and Steel Festival sponsored by Metal Nexus taking place in Asheville, NC on Saturday November 12. More info on this forthcoming...


We've got some things in the works that are gonna be a lot of fun and outside of the box for us but we think it’ll be badass and you guys will enjoy it. Some are still in the planning stages and aren't ready to announce but as soon as we can, we surely will!


Please visit our sponsor, Dirtbag Clothing, by clicking one of the icons located at the top of the page. They are an awesome company that does a lot of good things for their bands. Not to mention they have some pretty cool duds that aren’t over the top and we get a 20% kickback if you purchase through one of those links above!


Check the show schedule out and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & Twitter to stay up to date with the happenings going on in the Grüzer camp. We'd love to see all of you at one of the shows! Until then...Stay loud, keep it heavy, and stay safe out there!!




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